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The following article was printed in our local newspaper the "Burnett Today" on 3rd June 2021
When deciding on anything in life, whether large or small we usually toss the idea back and forth and even lose countless hours of sleep to ensure the right decision is made. This is exactly what the South Burnett Motors In Motions Inc. committee had gone through with their decision to close down the Wondai Sprints.
Events Co-Ordinator Kevin Krosch said, “this has not been an easy decision and we made this with a heavy heart”.
The Inaugural Wondai Sprints started on 9 June 2016 at the motor racing track in the back streets of the Wondai Industrial Estate. Since that very first race, numbers grew with entrants and spectators. The quiet town of Wondai was a roar of excitement with the locals loving the attention. “Drivers from all across the country would get together to better their lap times and catch up with one another and share their tales of motoring," Mr Krosch said. “Locals, from including Murgon and Kingaroy, benefited from this event with pubs, motels and accommodations booked out and filled with motoring enthusiasts."
There had been a number of elements and changes that the committee had to reconsider which forced the closure of the event. President of South Burnett Motors In Motion Inc. Denis Carroll said the Covid-19 pandemic last year made it very hard financially. "We also had trouble getting hay due to drought which we so desperately needed as barriers," he said. As with any event taking place on a Public Road a major consideration was the placement and assembly of track barriers and subsequent removal on a very restricted timeline, to comply with Road Closure requirements. "In our case this involves one or more cranes and several forklifts plus hundreds of volunteer hours," said Mr Carroll.
“In the end the decision really came down to a lack of money and manpower on the weekend of the event."
It’s not all sad news as all the assets accumulated over the last five years have been distributed between the Proston Car Rally Club Inc. and the Kingaroy and District Vintage Machinery Club Inc. Both groups have helped the Wondai Sprints prepare for and run their various events.
"We would like to thank all the local not-for-profit groups who benefited from each event through parking attendants, gate keeping and food stalls for their help and support," Mr Carroll said.
“Huge thank you to Just Flags for keeping an eye on the track as flag marshals at every point and the Oakey Motor Sport Club for being our timekeepers and the Wondai Sporting Club in working closely with us with each event. “Thank you also, to the previous South Burnett Regional Council for their support and commitment through surfacing the track and allowing us to hold the Wondai Sprints”.
Mr Krosch added that “much of what was done was due to our major sponsors Westlink Petroleum who not only were a financial supporter but a true advocate for this sport”.

Show and Shine

On Sunday 5th April we were having a "Show and Shine" display to enable enthusiasts to show off their finest machinery to all spectators and competitors.

The display will be located in a section of the carpark adjacent to the sprint track.

Entries accepted on the day at the gate.
Judging from 9.00 til 12.30pm.
Trophies presented at 1.00pm




This event and all trophies have been kindly sponsored by Shannons Insurance and their information booth will be on site to answer all of your questions regarding insurance of your prized possessions.

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Trophys will be awarded for the following categories:

Best Classic Sedan 1931-1969
Best Classic Sedan 1970 - 1989
Best Classic Sports Car 1931-1969
Best Classic Sports Car 1970 - 1989
Best Vintage/Veteran Pre 1930
Best Classic Commercial
Best Modified/Hot Rod
Best Motorcycle Pre 1989
Best Modern Motorcycle
Best Classic Caravan
Best Modern Car(1990 on)